Saturday, January 24, 2015

Black Lipped Beauties

As most of you know last weekend was Martin Luther King Jr. Day. To celebrate we went to the Museum of African Diaspora and checked out some of the exhibits. Unfortunately we weren't allowed to take pictures inside the museum, but one of the artists that we really enjoyed was Elizabeth Catlett. Her art was not only strikingly beautiful but also critiqued the world around her. It was pretty hard for us to find the museum from Union Square, but thanks to some helpful strangers we finally found our way. Here are some of the pictures we took before we left for the city.

Lately I've been really into buttons and pins. The big ones my theatre teacher gave me because she had extra merch from a production of Spamelot our school had done. The smaller ones I found at a cool thrift shop in Berkley and the rest of the pins are just earrings.

   I've noticed that when I wear black lipstick half of the people I see think I look like a fierce queen and the other half think I'm possessed or secretly a witch, I prefer to see myself in the former. Plus my mini buns are definetly on fleek. I used a mixture of occ lip tar in Rx and a Halloween lipstick I got from CVS. 
     I've been wanting a mohair sweater since summer and I finally got one for Christmas ( is it too late to brag about Christmas gifts?).
See you guys soon!

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  1. ah these outfits are so rad!! also, I nominated you for the liebster award, so check it out: