Monday, July 28, 2014

Back to school shopping- part 1

     We know you've all been dreading it, but it's time to face
the facts, back to school season is among us. It can be hard to find
great outfits for school without spending a ton of money. But don't
fret, we've compiled our best shopping tips to help you guys.


Check your school's dress codedoing this ensures most importantly,
that you don't get in trouble, and that you don't buy anything that
you can't wear to school.

Know what you want- Although you don't have to have a literal list,
it's good to have a basic idea of what you want. A great way to do
this is to check the store's website, not only will you be able to see
if they carry what your looking for, but you can also get a good idea
of the prices.

Plan your trip wisely- the best time to shop is on weekdays when it's
less crowded. That way the staff will be a lot more attentive because
they have less customers to deal with. Be sure to look online for
sales so you can plan accordingly.


Bring the right companion- this doesn't mean bring your best friend.
Bring somone who will honestly tell you whether something looks 9.9/10
on you or 10/10. Make sure this person is willing to fight someone to
get that last dress in your size, and who won't get tired after that
billionth store.

Always do  a lap around the store- look around and see if the store
your at is even worth spending time on. While looking if anything
catches your eye, pick it up, you might not want it later but it's
better to have extra clothes than to forget where something is.

Hit the clearance section- after you've gone around the store make
your way towards the clearance section. It can be a little hard to
find things because everything is usually just thrown on one rack or
bin, but when you do it's always for a great price. You'll probably
find items that are almost sold out for really cheap. Just be aware
that the store is trying to sell the things that they couldn't
earlier, so even if you're looking for fall clothes you might find a
lot of bikinis and cut offs, but it's still good to look.

Make sure you can wear the item- a good rule of thumb is to try and
think of at least 3 outfits you can wear with the item, your shopping
companion can help you with this. If you can't think of at least three
outfits it's probably not worth the purchase. If there's an expensive
item that you think is totally worth the splurge, it should probably
be a classic piece that you will be able to make way more than 3
outfits with.


Bring your student ID- lots of stores give discounts to students. Just
bring your student ID when your purchasing your clothes. If you're not
sure whether or not a store does this, it never hurts to ask.

Check your phone- there are lots of apps and websites that can give
you coupons and deals to show at the register. One of our favorites is

Sign up for everything- after your purchase the person working the
register will often ask you to sign up for memberships, emails, etc.
We always say yes because those emails usually have coupons or
discount codes for your next purchase. Even if it's just a catalog,
those too can have coupons and exclusive offers.
Do you have any shopping tips? Tell us in the comments!
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