Friday, January 2, 2015

Where We're Going We Don't Need Roads

     Happy 2015 guys!! One of our resolutions is to blog more so hopefully you guys will be getting some new interesting posts soon. 2015 looks like it's going to be a good year and there are so many exciting things happening. We're going to drive soon, we're turning 16, and most importantly Marty McFly will be arriving any day now. We're putting our New Years resolutions on this post so we can't chicken out:
1. Be more adventurous. I feel like in 2014 I passed up a lot of great opportunities because I was too scared or I didn't think it was worth the risk. This year I just want to try everything and see where it takes me.
2. Be healthier. I'm probably not going to follow through with this one because I say it every year but  what's a resolution list if you don't talk about your health?
3. Write every day. I love writing and I feel like I should make more time for it in my everyday life.

1. Drink more water. According to Mick Jenkins water's more important than gold. So I should probably be trying to get more of that. Plus it clears up my skin better than any pimple treatment could.
2. I'm a huge bibliophile, but ever since I've started my sophomore year of high school I've had less time to read. I'm going to try to make time because there's nothing better than the feeling of a book in
my hands.
3. Work harder in school. My sophomore grades are a lot better then my freshman grades but hopefully I can do even better this semester.
Here are a couple pictures of the outfits that we wore to ring in the new year:

Ugochi:                                     Ogechi:
Jacket-Charlotte Russe      Jacket-Charlotte Russe
Dress-Thrifted.                    Dress-Hand me down from my mom
Shoes-Charlotte Russe       Shoes-Forever 21
                                           Ear Jacket-Forever 21

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  1. I love the idea of you guys sharing a blog! I really like your outfits and definitely agree with your resolutions of reading and writing more.