Thursday, July 24, 2014

Throwback Thursday

     When we were younger our mom had this notion that twins always had to match, hence the similar names. So every morning our mom forced us into matching dresses and sent us off to school. As a result
we have pictures like this:

Once we were old enough to dress ourselves, we did everything in our power not to match. Unfortunately, we have similar tastes in clothing so we often find ourselves reaching for the same tops when we go
shopping. Now that we've grown, we've learned not to fight the instinct and that it's ok to dress alike sometimes.

                             Ogechi                                              Ugochi
                            Sweatshirt- Pacsun (sold out)               Sweatshirt-Pacsun- (sold out)
                            Skirt- Demasque                                  Jeans- Forever 21
                            Shoes- gifted                                       Shoes- Converse

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