Monday, August 4, 2014

Back to School Shopping Part 2

     You may have noticed that a lot of our clothes are thrifted. When we say this we don't only mean clothes from the thrift shop but also garage sales, consignment stores, and secondhand shops in general. It can be hard to shop in stores like these, but luckily for you guys we've mastered the art of thrift shopping. So we're here to pass some our wisdom on to you, just in time for back to school shopping. Here are things to keep in mind while thrift shopping.


Don't buy it if you don't need it-  Most secondhand stores are super cheap, so often times you might feel like you should buy EVERYTHING. You may find yourself making up excuses to buy an 80s wedding dress that's 3 sizes to big. FIGHT THE URGE!
 You can (almost) always haggle- Aside from consignment boutiques, like Plato's Closet or Buffalo Exchange, you can usually negotiate a cheaper price with the salesperson. Although make sure to be reasonable with your price offer. 
Know when something is too damaged- every once in a while you'll find the perfect pair of pants or a fabulous dress and then you'll notice a tear. At this point you should asses the damage. Is it just a tiny stain that can be easily hidden? Or is it a huge rip in a visible place? If it's the former, then showing this to the salesperson could get you a discount.


Online- A great thing about the internet is that you can buy clothes from all over the world. The downside of this is that you can accidentally get some really nasty stuff. So make sure that the online seller is reputable.
Cleanliness- you can pretty much buy anything secondhand, but there are some exceptions. You should never purchase used hats or underwear. Also, when buying used clothing, always wash before you wear. Usually consignment boutiques wash the clothes before selling them, but charity shops aren't always as thorough with cleaning. As a precaution clean them anyways. 

Charity shops- If the reason your thrift shopping is because the store gives to charity, do some research. Some of these shops give little to none of there profits to charity. In order to be sure that you're purchase will help someone in need, google the store and see if there website has any information or ask someone who works there what percentage of the proceeds go to charity.

     Ok guys, so hopefully you take these tips in mind if you ever decide to dip your toes into the giant swimming pool that is secondhand shopping. Make sure to read our tips on retail shopping here. Do you have any shopping tips you wanna share? Put them in the comments!

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